Post soldering is a main process of PCB Assembly processing. It means that some components cannot be gone through the wave soldering due to the design process, high materials or inability to withstand high temperatures, which need to use the electric soldering iron for manual soldering. The post-welding processing of the plug-in is generally performed after the wave soldering of the inserted PCB board is completed, so it is called post-welding processing.


Not only components assembly and soldering, we can also solder cable & wires on the PCB boards.


Another important use is that manual assembly able to be adequately inspected by the automated optical inspection equipment and require a technician to verify their placement and touch-up any soldering problems.


Some surface mount connectors may also require manual inspection and touch-up.

Smaller components that may have “floated” during reflow or are prone to solder bridging also require manual cleanup by a technician.

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