1L Copper Core PCB with good heat dissipation made by Best Tech

1L Copper Core PCB with good heat dissipation made by Best Tech

Single layer Copper based PCB used on Swimming pool lighting with better heat dissipation provided by Best Tech in China.

Copper core PCB, Copper based PCB, Copper clad PCB.

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Copper clad PCB is a better choice than traditional FR4 PCB, if your PCB boards need to work in high temperature environment. There is a dielectric layer in-between copper foil and metal core for electric isolation. The special dielectric features with the peculiarity of having high thermal conductivity. Thus, metal core PCB substrate is also called as Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS). Copper-based PCB has a relatively long service life due to its intense heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. Therefore, they are commonly used in areas with high requirements such as automotive lights, crewless aircraft, and industrial and mining lights. In environments where high temperatures are involved, standard PCBs, such as FR-4 boards, may not withstand the heat, causing extensive damage. A Copper based PCB will redirect heat from critical circuits, preventing performance issues and extending its life span.

Design ConsultancyOur engineers can supply you suggestion for the techniques and let you understand every crucial detail about assembly services
Components ProcurementSource components from reliable distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, Arrow.etc. Part procurement with inventory management
Prototype and mass production assemblyFrom small order to large orders assembly, we can provide an expert PCB solutions to customers
Subsystem assembly & Complete AssemblyOur assembly service is very flexible, can meet customer's diversified PCB assembly request
Quick Turn AssemblyOur team can supply quick assemblies within time delivery capabilities
Quality AssurancePassed the qualified certification, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO16949
Functional testsOur team will do the functional testing according to the SOP/ATP/testing procedure supplied from customers
AOI&X-ray Testing Our team will do the AOI testing for all the assembled products, and do X-ray testing for all the boards assembled BGA and FPGA parts

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