1L Aluminum Core PCB with good heat dissipation made by Best Tech

1L Aluminum Core PCB with good heat dissipation made by Best Tech

Single layer Aluminum based PCB used on Road sign warning lights with better heat dissipation provided by Best Tech in China.

Aluminum Core PCB, Aluminum based PCB, Aluminum clad PCB.

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Compared to traditional FR-4 PCBs,Aluminum clad PCB offer greater heat dissipation, thanks to 5 to 10 times higher thermal conductivity and up to 10 times less thickness with respect to conventional architectures. The particularly efficient transfer of thermal energy allows metal PCBs to use very light copper layers, reducing both costs and thickness of the solution. Aluminum Core PCB is composed of a dielectric layer capable of offering high thermal conductivity (and therefore high dissipation), a metal layer and a copper film with high heat dissipation capacity and mechanical strength. The metal layer can be composed entirely of metal, or a combination of fiberglass (FR-4) and metal. Since metal is able to easily transfer heat by subtracting it from high-power components, typical applications of metal PCBs include power supplies, power converters, LED lighting systems and power circuits in automotive environments (headlights, lights, cooling, climate and more). This type of technology, in addition to efficient thermal management, allows to extend the components lifetime, improving the reliability of the overall circuit.

Design ConsultancyOur engineers can supply you suggestion for the techniques and let you understand every crucial detail about assembly services
Components ProcurementSource components from reliable distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, Arrow.etc. Part procurement with inventory management.
Prototype and mass production assemblyFrom small order to large orders assembly, we can provide an expert PCB solutions to customers
Subsystem assembly & Complete AssemblyOur assembly service is very flexible, can meet customer's diversified PCB assembly request
Quick Turn AssemblyOur team can supply quick assemblies within time delivery capabilities
Quality AssurancePassed the qualified certification, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO16949
Functional testsOur team will do the functional testing according to the SOP/ATP/testing procedure supplied from customers
AOI&X-ray TestingOur team will do the AOI testing for all the assembled products, and do X-ray testing for all the boards assembled BGA and FPGA parts

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