PCB plate with BGA packaging process and resin plug hole.

PCB plate with BGA packaging process and resin plug hole.

In the process of PCB production, it is usually necessary to bury holes, resin plug hole is simply the hole wall copper plating, with epoxy resin filling holes, and then copper on the surface.Using the resin plug hole process, the PCB plate surface has no dent, and the hole can be conductive and does not affect the welding, so some products with high layers and large plate thickness are favored.

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As soon as BGA became the best choice for high density, high performance, multi-function and high I / O pin packaging for VLSI chips such as CPU and North-South Bridge.Its characteristics are:

1.Although the number of I / O pins is increased, the pin spacing is much larger than QFP, thus improving the assembly yield;

2. Although its power consumption increases, BGA can be welded by the controllable collapse chip method, or C4 welding, which can improve its electric thermal performance;

3. The thickness is more than 1 / 2 less than QFP, and the weight is reduced by more than 3 / 4;

4. Parasite parameters are reduced, the signal transmission delay is small, and the use frequency is greatly improved;

5. Assembly can be used in common planar welding, with high reliability;

6.BGA packaging is still the same as QFP, PGA, occupying the substrate area is too large;

PCB Layers6L FR4 PCB
Base materialTg160
PCB thickness4.5mm+/-10%
Copper Type9`OZ copper in each layer
Surface finishingENIG

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