The 8-layer of 2OZ heavy copper PCB comes from the best technology in China

The 8-layer of 2OZ heavy copper PCB comes from the best technology in China

What is the PCB thick copper plate?The thick copper plate is displayed in the waiting process, with certain technical threshold and operation difficulty, and the cost is also relatively expensive. A layer of copper foil is bonded in the outer layer of FR-4. When the copper thickness is 2oz is completed, it is defined as the thick copper PCB plate.PCB thick copper plate has a very good extension performance, not limited by the processing temperature, high baking point can be used when oxygen blowing, low temperature unchanged brittle and other hot baking welding methods, and also fire prevention, spread in non-combustible materials, thick copper PCB its thickness is different, the specific application occasions are also very different.

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· Heavy copper PCB  have the following advantages:
· Better tolerance to thermal stress
· Higher traffic
· Greater mechanical strength at corners and PTH holes
· Use the full potential of specialty materials (such as high temperatures) without causing circuit failure
· Reduce volume by using different copper thicknesses on the same floor (Figure 1)
· Place the heat sink directly into the PCB with a maximum thickness of 120 oz copper
· On-board high power density plane transformer

PCB Layers8L FR4 PCB
Base materialTg170
PCB thickness1.3204mm+/-10%
Copper Type2OZ copper in each layer
Surface finishingENIG (Au 1u'')
Solder maskGreen

Thick copper PCB plate is a special plate, and Best Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with the most suitable and innovative products and the most satisfactory service.

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