12 layer heavy copper PCB with red Solder mask

12 layer heavy copper PCB with red Solder mask

These 12-layer PCB are designed to withstand high temperature and pressure conditions. The main material used is polyimide; it is an organic material with a high heat resistance. The 12-layer PCB plate heavy copper plate laid the foundation for modern automotive electronic circuits. They help keep track of reliable interconnections. They have a variety of uses, such as assembling electronic ignition systems, electronic driving, transmission control units, navigation systems, and other vehicle components.

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Since the 12-multilayer printed circuit board includes a radiator, it provides the opportunity to obtain thermal stress in both 288 C and 20 seconds. The biggest feature of this PCB is that they have a ± 10% impedance control tolerance. We offer custom PCB, with different surface finish options for your choice, including tin-dipped, lead-free HASL, and strips. In our experience, we strongly recommend for you to use gold as a finish, as it helps to provide consistent and reliable application environment performance. The basic materials we use for PCB include 12L, TG170, and FR4.

BEST Technology are dedicated to providing the best quality PCB, and 12 the thin layers we produce have high industrial standards. We offer these high quality printed circuit boards at reasonable prices in China.

 Do not hesitate to contact us and, at your request, our experienced team will support your design and produce a PCB suitable for your specifications.

PCB Layers12L FR4 PCB
Base materialTg170
PCB thickness4.0mm+/-10%
Copper Type4OZ copper in each layer
Surface finishingENIG(Au 1u'')
Solder maskRed

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