Four layers of 4OZ Heavy copper PCB used on large power supplies

Four layers of 4OZ Heavy copper PCB used on large power supplies

 In the outer layer of FR-4 adhesion a layer of copper foil, when the copper thickness is 20Z, it is defined as thick copper circuit board, thick copper circuit board has excellent extension performance, high resistance, high temperature, low temperature, corrosion resistance, so that electronic products have a longer service life, and simplify the volume of the product.

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Ultra-thick copper boards are manufactured in exactly the same way as regular PCBS, but with special etching and copper plating methods such as high speed/step copper plating and differential etching. Early ultra-thick copper PCBS were etched as a whole by copper-clad plates with ultra-thick copper layers, resulting in uneven side walls and unacceptable edge bite. Advances in copper plating technology have allowed ultra-thick copper layers to be achieved through a combination of etching and copper plating, allowing for vertical sidewalls and acceptable bite edges.
The plating technology of ultra-thick copper allows circuit board manufacturers to increase the copper thickness of the side walls of the through-holes and plug-in holes. It is now also possible to mix super-thick copper and regular copper thick in the same plate, also known as PowerLink technology. This can reduce the number of layers, reduce power line resistance, reduce volume and reduce cost. Normally, high voltage/high current circuits and corresponding control circuits are manufactured separately using separate circuit boards. Ultra-thick copper technology makes it easy to integrate high-power circuits and control circuits to achieve high density while maintaining a clean board structure.

BEST Technology are dedicated to providing the best quality PCB, and 12 the thin layers we produce have high industrial standards. We offer these high quality printed circuit boards at reasonable prices in China.

 Do not hesitate to contact us and, at your request, our experienced team will support your design and produce a PCB suitable for your specifications.

PCB Layers


Base materialTg170
PCB thickness1.1mm+/-10%
Copper Type4OZ copper in each layer
Surface finishingENIG
Solder maskGreen

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